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                                   DARK NET

An hidden Internet exists under the ‘surface net,’ hidden in the view of ordinary web users. Dark Net always aroused my curiosity, but I never followed up to see if I could get it. The net that is dark is intimidating. I also believed it would be difficult to get and that it might require some kind of complex technical skill, or possibly a special invitation by a figure on bulletin boards.


One of those things that struck me was how simple it is to get and begin exploring the dark net–it requires no technical skills, no special invitation, and requires only a couple minutes to begin.

Approximately 2 million people utilize TOR each and every day, with 95 percent of the traffic going into the normal internet and 5 per cent to the darknet, said a spokesperson for TOR.

Undeniably, the web that is shadowy is exploding in popularity among criminals.

What is Dark Net about?

The crypto money has replaced payment methods credit cards, wire transfers and PayPal. Today, the Dark Net has developed and has turned into a immense information-sharing instrument that is making it easier for criminals to perform their job extensively. As an instance, someone may buy your Social Security Number from one information agent. Afterward, in order to purchase a car below your title, they might have to understand information like your physical and email addresses, phone numbers, present and historical career history, and also answers to security questions. Putting the information together from multiple information agents may provide these criminals a comprehensive, credible dossier. It makes this much easier to impersonate someone.


The evolution of the Web has enabled fraud to become increasingly commoditized and easier to perform. simply because there are a number of ways to monetize the fraud procedure itself. Since it continues to grow, we hope to see increasingly sophisticated fraud dependent on the ability to mine the Web. The Darpa Memex job is a first step in leveling the playing field. But it will require a coordinated effort between government and the private industry to catch up to this lead that is huge which the hacker community was building.

Activities taking place on Dark Net

Assassination Economy, the shadowy web site that valued Obama’s passing at $15K, quietly shut down in 2014. Even while it was up, no one has been assassinated and nothing ever got paid to him since it was a scam.

Other web sites claim to have hit men for hire, but experts confirms that none of them are legit.


A Red Room is a mythical dark web site that allegedly allows users to view and/or participate in live interactive murder or torture. It’s a fantastic idea for a post-apocalyptic horror film, but it does exist on the Internet — let alone the dark web.

Human trafficking is a issue. But it’s an underground industry that doesn’t get advertised on the net.

Revenge Porn

You don’t have to enter to the net to find revenge pornography. Despite Google’s best efforts to curb revenge porn sites, they’re easily found on the internet — which means they are not in as high demand on the net.

Onion Cloning

A scammer may earn a complete replica of the real website — a site, medication marketplace, or any site that doesn’t require a login. Then update the links so that the user gets redirected to their scam site.

Arms Trafficking

Gun sales have experienced a rise and fall on the dark net. In the U.K., law enforcement has produced enough high-profile arrests that cyber criminals see gun trafficking as overly risk.

Child Porn

Child pornography definitely exists on the net. (One study found that it generates the most traffic to hidden sites on Tor.) Fortunately, child pornography is fairly difficult for the average Joe to find.

Information Leaks

Because nets like Tor are based on anonymity, they are a a source for whistle blowers, activists, law enforcement. They are also convenient areas for vigilante hackers to dump sensitive information.

Drug Trafficking

Until the FBI closed down the Silk Road in 2013, it served as the dark net market for the selling of illegal drugs and pharmaceuticals. Since that time, many niches have come and gone. Last year, the former market leader Agora closed down. AlphaBay is currently the biggest market.


Carding fraud refers to procedures and the arrangements of stealing and laundering credit card, bank account, and private information online. To pull it off, criminals first hack into merchant websites or point of sale systems to steal credit card information. They sell their stolen batches of credit card info to other scammers running market sites or carding forums.

Last Advice


Anyone can get dark net quite easily, but if you decide to go exploring please be careful. That is a whole lot of content in addition to a number of criminals. Do not simply click links without thinking about where you might wind up, what you might see, or that which you might meet.

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